Shop Stanton

City Of Stanton

7800 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 379-9222

Shop Stanton is the Stanton Business Alliance’s new program designed to provide shoppers with discounts, support local businesses, and keep needed tax dollars in the City.    Shopping locally is more vital than ever and is the most direct way to impact our community’s economic health by helping businesses grow, creating and sustaining jobs, and contributing to the local tax base. 


  1. Download a printable version of one of the five available the bingo cards online.
  2. Make a valid purchase at any participating business and ask the business to mark the appropriate square with their Shop Stanton stamp/sticker.
  3. Submit your completed game card to City Hall, located at 7800 Katella Avenue, Stanton, CA 90680.

  1. Pick up a discount card at any City location or print one from our website by clicking on the Discount Card tab on this page.
  2. Present the card to any business with the “Shop Stanton” sticker in their window and you’ll receive your discount. With each purchase made, you’ll also receive a stamp in one of the boxes on the back of your discount card.
  3. Once all of the boxes are filled, submit your discount card to the City of Stanton and your name will be entered into a quarterly raffle for a chance to win prizes!

Every taxable dollar spent in the City of Stanton contributes to the general fund for important and essential City provided services and benefits such as police/sheriff, fire, senior services and programs, library services, parks, street lights, street and facility maintenance, and more. When you spend your dollars in Stanton, 1% of gross taxable sales generated from those transactions stay in the City and contribute to the quality of life enjoyed. The money spent at local businesses also helps to reduce the need for other tax increases and provides funding to keep our community safe, clean and in good repair.   Consider the variety of opportunities Stanton has to offer and how your purchasing decisions can positively impact our community. Before purchasing services or products from out of town, we encourage you to take the time to explore the wide variety of goods and services found right in your own backyard!

For more information, please call 714-890-4237.