Starting A Business

Information Needed Prior to Starting a Business

Prior to leasing or purchasing a building site, the City of Stanton recommends that you discuss the intended use of space with the Planning Department to ensure that you will comply with the City’s zoning ordinances.

Conditional Use Permit
Some types of businesses are required to obtain a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the Planning Department prior to operation. CUP’s are approved by the Planning Commission and can include special conditions placed on the operation of the businesses, such as hours of operation. Some examples of businesses that may require a CUP are auto repair, video arcades, motels, and businesses serving alcohol and/or providing live entertainment. You should speak with the Planning Department about fees and the length of the application process before signing a lease. A CUP stays with the location so a business can be sold or transferred with the approved CUP, but it will not transfer to a new location.

Home Occupation Permit
Every business conducted from a home in Stanton must have both a Business License and a Home Occupation Permit. Home Occupation Permits are obtained from the City’s Planning Department and must be approved prior to the issuance of a Business License.

Exterior Signage
If you plan to install a new sign or make changes to an existing sign, please contact the Planning Department to start the application process. You may also refer to Section 20.26.060 of the Stanton Municipal Code and Ordinance No. 969 for additional information. Please be aware that in order to allow for the display of banners, pennants, and balloons an annual advertising sign permit application must be submitted and approved prior to installation.

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