The City’s pro-business environment embraces the philosophy that our economic future and prosperity rely on progressive, mutually beneficial partnerships.  Stanton’s Economic Development Plan for Business Retention and Attraction is a multi-faceted approach that has been designed to enhance the City’s business environment by offering a variety of incentive programs. 

For a copy of the full Economic Development Program Guidelines please click here.

List of Economic Development Programs


EXTERIOR / FACADE IMPROVEMENT REBATE PROGRAM – Through this program, the City will share the cost of improving building exteriors and adding security measures, thereby promoting joint private/public action and investment.  Maximum rebate amounts of $5,000 for single storefront and $10,000 for multi-tenant buildings are available to approved property owner(s) or business owner(s) located within City boundaries.  Program funds are to be used for exterior building improvements or security measures visible from primary streets and may be utilized to pay for security personnel to protect said improvements for up to one year. 


Façade Improvement priorities:

  • Rehabilitation, restoration and remodeling of existing storefronts;
  • Painting building exterior;
  • Anti-graffiti coating;
  • Parapet modifications;
  • Installation of awnings;
  • Improving public safety lighting, fencing or other approved security measure; and
  • Hiring security guard services

If these priorities are met in a grant project budget and design, then the grant may also include the following:

  • Adding or improving business signs;
  • New exterior lighting for signage;
  • New windows and doors;
  • Window treatments;
  • Landscaping;
  • Decorative pavers; and
  • Decorative masonry walls

FEE DEFERRAL PROGRAM – There are significant upfront costs in establishing a business, including: the lease/purchase price of the building, construction costs if tenant improvements are needed, equipment costs, and the purchase of items to be stocked.  To assist in reducing the upfront costs for businesses, this program defers fees for building and planning permits.  Applicants must pay 55% of the fees at the time of the planning entitlement submittal, building plan check, and building permit issuance.  The remaining 45% of the fees may be deferred for three years with a simple interest rate (prime rate). 

Fees Eligible For Deferral Consideration:

  • Conditional Use Permit Fees
  • Precise Plan of Development Fees;
  • Minor Precise Plan of Development;
  • Tentative Tract Maps;
  • Tentative Parcel Maps;
  • Building Permit Fees; and
  • Building Plan Check Fees

IMPROVEMENT REBATE PROGRAM – Upon completion of a construction project, the program reimburses Building and Planning permit fees equal to 45% of the dollars spent locally on construction related materials.  To qualify, both the improvement project location and business from which materials are purchased from shall be located within City boundaries.  The program has been designed to encourage participants to purchase their construction related materials from local City businesses.  By reimbursing fees, eligible participants can further invest in their actual improvements and in return, stimulate construction by reducing the cost of the project. 

LIVABLE BEACH BOULEVARD MOBILITY IMPLEMENTATION REBATE PROGRAM – The City developed the Livable Beach Boulevard Mobility Plan to begin revitalizing the now auto-oriented corridor, Beach Boulevard.  A maximum amount of $15,000 is available to each approved property owner(s) or business owner(s) located along Beach Boulevard.  Program funds are only to be used for items identified in the Implementation Action Plan within the Livable Beach Boulevard Mobility Plan. 

To be eligible to participate in the incentive programs, the applicant must be the legal property owner(s) of the commercial property to be improved or the owner of a new or existing business located within City boundaries.  To obtain more information and start the application process, please call 714-890-4237.